What Clients Say About Jonathan's Work


"The time, energy and knowledge Jonathan puts into his work makes leadership philosophy come alive."

—Betsy Coe, Ph.D., Director Houston Montessori Center, Head of School of the Woods, Houston, TX


"Jonathan Wolff possesses rare gifts: razor-like analytical skills, an uncanny capacity to imagine the possibilities, a seemingly effortless ability to communicate with a group of any size, and a passion for best practices."

—John Moncure, Ph.D., Principal, Eton Academy International School, Beijing, China


"Jonathan's insights on community building and the models of collaborative leadership he presents are empowering. The seeds he planted will surely reap a fertile harvest."

—Reverend Jules Bouquet, Headmaster, Messiah Montessori School, Houma, LA



"Jonathan's work is involving, inspiring and impactful. The content is always valuable. People leave his workshops with more focus and energy for dealing objectively with life's more difficult lessons."

—Susan Whitacre, Instructor, Montessori Teachers College of San Diego


"Given his years of experience in the field, there is almost no challenge Jonathan has not faced himself, so he is able to offer his support as well as his expertise in a variety of areas. The retreats he has done for our school are invariably well-prepared, inspiring and entertaining; they fit the needs and challenges we are facing at the time. Our staff comes away with more skills and our school is a better place after he has been with us."

— Andrew Kutt, Executive Director, Oneness-Family School, Chevy Chase, MD


"Jonathan Wolff is among the foremost Montessori authorities in the USA, particularly with regard to school leadership, teacher and head of school best practices, and sound pedagogy. He brings a modern and exciting approach to Montessori teaching and administration."

—Michael Eanes, Consultant to Not-For-Profits and Interim Head of Schools, Litchfield, CN



"As a coach and mentor to our senior faculty, Jonathan brought wisdom, humor, clarity and effectiveness to the professional development process. For me, Jonathan was a receptive ear and a steady, positive influence."

—Chris G. Gallagher, Headmaster Emeritus of the New Gate School, Architect, Sarasota, FL


"Jonathan is a leader of leaders. The work he does has helped me and everyone who attended this training prepare ourselves and our schools for the future."

—Arlean Standiford, Charter School Administrator, Albuquerque, NM


"Jonathan's knowledge and talent as an instructor have inspired me to manifest my own potential as a leader."

—Janet Matthews, Head of School, Saint Andrew Episcopal School, Houston, TX


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